What are the waiting times after ordering?
After confirmation of payment, Laudoracing-models commits to process and ship your order within the day. The delivery time may vary depending on your order date (week / weekend / holiday) but also the place of delivery. On average orders are delivered within 4 working days. In times of high traffic the delivery time may be higher.

However, a follow-up of your order will be provided to you to follow the progress of your order. You will also receive at each order an email containing the information of your order.

In which country does Laudoracing-models deliver?
Laudoracing-models provides services all around the world.

Delivery times may vary depending on your location. A follow-up will also be provided to you to obtain information about your order.

Laudoracing-models delivers worldwide in collaboration with DHL, DEUTSCHE POST, COLISSIMO et CHRONOPOST.

The products packaging
Before being packaged, each product is thoroughly checked. Once every point is verified, the product is shipped.

+ More details about packaging

What about delivery costs if i order many products?
Delivery costs are calculated by weight and therefore vary according to the number of products in your order. Indeed, the price of the delivery increases degressively according to the number of product present in the order.

Here is an example to help you understand how it works.
For this example we will use a fictional person named "Mr. Smith". Mr. Smith has 6 different orders composed of a different number of products.

OrderShipping costs
1 product 8,50 €
2 products 9,50 €
3 products 11 €
4 products 11 €
5 products 11 €
6 products 11,50 €

You can see that the more products you order and the more the shipping costs will be to your advantage.

I have an order that includes products with different delivery dates, can I receive them at one time?
To take advantage of this service, please contact us at the following address: ordini@laudoracing-models.com. Remember to insert the number of the order concerned.


Which product has a warranty certificate?
The guarantee certificate is issued exclusively on all Laudoracing-models.

What is it and how does it work?
The guarantee certificate ensures the authenticity of Laudoracing-models products and certifies the quality of the product as well as the absence of manufacturing defects. It is also a product warranty.
Are excluded from the assumption of responsibility by the guarantee, all the damages caused by third persons. The warranty does not take effect from the moment when anyone other than the Laudoracing-models team makes any modification to the product. Also not covered are all damages caused by a fall, shock, scratch and other possibilities considered that may lead to accidental damage. Finally the guarantee does not work in case of theft or loss of the product.

To be valid, the certificate must bear the stamp of the seller and the date of purchase. For any request you may be asked for an original version of this document.

The performance guarantee is also governed by the delivery of the defective product to the retailer who supplied it.

I received a damaged product, what should I do?
If upon receipt your product shows imperfections, a manufacturing defect or damage related to delivery you must report it to our team at the following address: assistenza@laudoracing-models.com. Attach the invoice of your order to your e-mail as well as photos highlighting the problems related to the product.

You have a period of 10 days after receipt of your order (delivery date stamp) to contact us and let us know your problem. Beyond this period, no claim can be taken into account.

Any claim is handled individually, so it is imperative not to return the product without receiving direction from our team.

Laudoracing-models can not answer for any action made by the client without prior consultation or consent of our team.

Finally this procedure is only valid for purchases made directly on the site www.laudoracing-models.com with invoice in support.

For any product acquired outside the site www.laudoracing-models.com, it will be necessary to refer to the seller.

IMPORTANT : Will not be subject to replacement models received with spare parts that can be replaced such as windows, decals, mirrors, etc. If this situation arises then we will send you free spare parts, however we can not guarantee the availability of parts belonging to models older than 6 months.

What is the procedure if the product is subject to warranty?
Following the declaration of any damage or defect accompanied by authentic photo in due time, two possibilities are offered to us.

Once back in our premises, the product says damaged is subject to complete control and each item concerned by the claim will be checked.

1. Replacement
The model will be replaced in some cases: paint defect, deformed frame or other non-repairable defect. The shipping costs of the new model will be supported Laudoracing-models.

2. Refund
In case the model is limited edition, at the end of production or unavailable in stock and the replacement is not possible, the price of the model will be fully refunded to the customer.

Why is it important to promptly report any damage or defect in the model?
Laudoracing-models offers limited edition models and these are sold in a very short time. Rapid communication will be the only way to ensure the availability of a particular product for replacement purposes.

Right of withdrawal

Can I return a product that does not meet my expectations?
You have the opportunity to report any problem within 10 days of receiving your products. After letting us know what the problem was at : assistenza@blaudoracing-models.com, we will inform you of the different steps and instructions to follow in order to complete your request.

IMPORTANT :Do not return in any case the product without Laudoracing-models did asked. If this is the case, we will not be able to respond to your request if the model is lost.

Who supports the cost of return?
In case the model does not meet your expectations the shipping costs will be at your expense. Once the item received by our team then you will be refunded the full price of the product.


What is it?
The pre-order is the possibility of buying a product before its arrival on the market and make sure to have its product especially on limited series. In addition the pre-order also allows you to enjoy an immediate discount on the model ordered.

How does it work?
The pre-order is based on the same principle of operation as the purchase. Just go to the product page and click on the "Pre-order" button. As a result of this the product is added to your cart to let you continue shopping. Then you just have to validate your basket by proceeding to the payment of the order.

When the product is available, you will be alerted of its availability and shipping. Delivery information will be available on this date and you will be able to track your order just like for a normal purchase.

Get more information by contacting us at the following address : ordini@laudoracing-models.com.

What happens if I change my mind?
You have 7 days from the date of payment to cancel the pre-order and you will be fully refunded.

Payment by check or bank transfer, how long does it take to conclude the pre-order?

IMPORTANT : Payment by check are only available for France.

If you choose a payment method by check or bank transfer, you will receive a confirmation email about your pre-order. From this date, you have a period of 7 days to complete the purchase via payment. Beyond 7 days then your pre-order will be canceled.

IMPORTANT: The availability date indicated in the pre-order product description may be changed without notice.

By proceeding with the purchase of a product for pre-order you declare to have read and accept the terms and conditions of the service presented above.