The company overall

Our philosophy

Laudoracing-models is present to enthusiasts, collectors and curious to offer a detailed reproduction of the Italian models that have marked the time. But above all, Laudoracing-models is the sharing of a passion for model making. Our goal is to allow you to travel back in time through models reproduced identically. We accompany you to immerse you in long and beautiful memories, or to make you discover an era, a story you have not known.

Our story

Laudoracing-models was born from an accumulated passion for model making, a passion that was not yet perceived as the beginning of a long and beautiful adventure. Indeed, everything starts with the reproduction of some models at 1:24 scale. After a few years of development, the first models are on sale and are very successful. This is particularly the case of the Fiat 128 Coupé in several different versions but also for the Fiat 127 Series 2 with its variants CL and Sport. Laudoracing-models has organized itself to undertake a real adventure.

Our core business

Today we dedicate our know-how in the realization of the most famous Italian cars marked time and traveled our roads from the '70s to the' 90s. We also aim to transmit our values through unique pieces and quality. We use qualified people, journalists, former pilots and former mechanics to bring their expertise and allow us to provide retail models and finishes.

Since 2013, we have been serving enthusiasts, collectors and anyone wishing to discover this universe. In order to provide a quality service, we do everything possible to offer you an optimal availability and responsiveness.

Our values

Elegance, tradition and uniqueness are the main characteristics of the charm of the Italian automobile. Indeed, the know-how « Made in Italy » is embodied by these brands that offer their creations great visual and functional qualities including robust engines and irresistible curves.

Laudoracing-models is also about proximity.

We share a common passion, which is why we remain sensitive to any special requests from you. Do not hesitate to contact us for any remark that you deem useful or service that could optimize your experience.

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